Is WordPress Theme Advantageous for SEO Techniques?

Search engines constitute one of the best possible sources of any online traffic that digital marketers hope to bring. Though, some might suggest that SEO has lost relevance owing to the constantly evolving Google algorithm’s, its role in online advertising continues to be as important as ever. A single high ranking website page has the ability to rope in hundreds of thousands of visitors to any website.

However, when it comes to content management systems or CMS, many digital marketers are left wondering which, CMS is the best one? Some say it’s Magento, others are in the favor of Blogger and some say Joomla. However, the internet community as well the statistics agree, that WordPress is the best content management system for SEO around currently, with respect to its ease of use and SEO compatibility.

Here, we take a look at the driving factors behind WordPress’s popularity and why it’s the best CMS, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization:

1- Themes Best Suited For SEO:

It doesn’t matter what kind of a website you are running – a business site, online retailing (E-commerce), online service, you name it and there will be a theme ready for you to use.

Themes do not only make your website appear professional but they also make sure that your site has the proper HTML, and the bounce rate is good – factors which greatly influence the ranking given by Google to you.

2- SEO Optimized Plug-ins:

There are scores of SEO based plug-ins available with WordPress that further bring about improvements to the SEO capabilities of your website. For instance, Yoast SEO is a plug-in that gives you a comprehensive analysis to improve your content, while also providing you with valuable SEO copywriting advice.

3- Excellent Security Features:

One of the worst things that can happen and can rob you of your top rankings, is if Google thinks you are infecting users with malicious malware or causing harm to the users in some other way!

You may have the kind of mindset, where you assure yourself it won’t happen to you, because you do not plan on doing something of that sort, but you still risk being on a spam list, if it gets hacked. You will receive harsh Google penalties should that happen! But WordPress regularly sends security updates upon detecting a loophole. Additionally, there are a number of excellent security plugins readily available.

4- Easy to Use:

All of these awesome features and the SEO compatible nature of WordPress makes an SEO Executive marvel and jump up at the prospect of using WordPress. However, none of it makes any sense, if it can only be efficiently used by an expert developer. That’s the thing!

WordPress is famous for its user friendly nature and almost all of its features can be easily accessed and utilized by any marketer or website owner. In fact, one of the key factors behind WordPress’s popularity is the simplicity of the WordPress editor, which also extends to its plug-ins, themes and other areas! Most SEO features require no coding related knowledge at all and can be used with simple mouse clicks.

5- Faster Load Times:

The speed at which a website is loading, tends to be a huge factor when it comes to how Google ranks it. Therefore, SEO experts are constantly trying to improve the speed at which their pages load.

WordPress results in faster load times compared to other CMS. Certain plug-ins like WP super cache can be used to further optimize the speed of the loading of site.

6- SEO Optimized URLs:

URLs or Uniform Resource Allocators are simply put, the address assigned for a website. They are also known as permalinks in WordPress. WordPress lets you create SEO optimized URLs which are user friendly and easy to remember as well.

For instance, which one of these would you term as easier to remember:

Definitely, it will be the third one, easiest to remember and able to excite the Googlebots the most. Well, this is exactly the kind of URLs, that WordPress lets you create, thus improving the SEO of the webpage.

7- Community Support:

Since WordPress now powers 30% of the websites on the Internet, it is the most commonly used CMS out there. There are literally millions of users, involved with it and they build up a strong community. Therefore, as a WordPress user, when you encounter any SEO problems, you are never alone. There are always thousands of others just like you facing the same problem. There is a huge number of users you can reach out to, through the WordPress support forums ready to help you! Much knowledge about WordPress can also be gained by visiting the support forums.

Long story short, WordPress works best for SEO. Every SEO campaign, whether it’s being run by an SEO services company Karachi, Pakistan or an agency situated thousands of miles away in California, USA, aspires to hit the top position in the first page of the Google search results, for their keyword. Using WordPress goes a long way towards achieving that goal!

Is WordPress Theme Advantageous for SEO Techniques?
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